UNITED WAY OF IBERIA Wants to remind you...

We must all remain diligent during these difficult times.  This pandemic we are living in, has affected so many of our family and friends.  We must all focus on keeping ourselves protected and healthy, and in doing so, we will be protecting those around us.  

Remember to wash your hands regularly!  Remember to wear your mask!  Remember to only go out and mix with others when it is absolutely necessary!

If you experience any Covid symptoms, please seek medical assistance to determine if you have contracted the virus.  It is very important that you catch it early and follow medical advice very closely.

Remember to monitor your children, grandchildren and elderly family members also.

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ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

The term represents families across Louisiana and

the nation who are working but unable to afford the

basic household necessities, including housing, child care,

health care, food and transportation.

Released in January 2019, the report presents publicly
available data in a comprehensive way to illustrate the true

scope of financial need in our communities.

Eleven United Ways in Louisiana took part in the ALICE Report.

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